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Welcome to Mex Flores

Fruits and vegetables are important in the diet for development and human well-being, and that trade liberalization through international-trade treaties to which Mexico participates has given an opportunity for some agricultural products such as vegetables them a source of foreign exchange in exports, mainly to the United States, they do so together with the high rate of nationals residing in the U.S., and resulting demand for Mexican products is increasing.

Therefore, the Production Unit and Package "Mex Flores Produce SA CV: "convinced of the importance of food safety and regulatory compliance in a few years we govern, we have begun a" comprehensive productive project for the export of fresh fruits and vegetables ", in order to preserve and increase agricultural exports that generate income and social welfare directly or indirectly involved as producers, traders, transporters and employees in general who.

About us:

We are a Unit Production and Packaging of Fruits and Vegetables called "Mex Flores Produce SA Ltd. "with the mission to produce quality and safety with the market demands while maintaining profitability through correct application of production processes both inside and outside the packaging.Jalapeño Pepper, Poblano Pepper, Serrano Pepper, Chile Anaheim, Habanero Pepper, Tomatillo, Persian Lemon, Cabbage, Carriot, Coriander, Cactus Leaves, Tuna, Mexican Onion, Mexican Peper, Chayote, Banana Leaves, Corn Leaf, White Onion, Yellow Onion, Roma Tomatoes.

Now, with the start of the project, we are looking for a certification in regard to "Best Management Practices" and "Good Agricultural Practices" processes that definitely confirm the quality and commitment with which we do our work.